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We help people with the internet, with print, and with business. We like making beautiful things.
There are costs involved for this level of service but you'll be suprised at how reasonable DomshouseDESIGN° is. And always remember, there's nothing higher than the cost of bad design!
Price Guide
There's no such thing as a free lunch, so there are costs involved (but of course you know this). Having an impactful presence is money well spent in our opinion, and whilst we love making beautiful things, the cats do need to be fed.

That said, we are exceptionally good value for the product and service that we provide. Although - and here's the facts of the matter - you'll be able to find someone cheaper. This could be someone who doesn't put as much time or effort into it, or (gasp) you could get a friend to do it for you. The problem is with the latter is that whilst it's great that someone can do you a favour - and a cheap one at that - there isn't an accountability around a professional service. It happens, and it can get a bit uncomfortable. That's why we suggest paying someone to get the job done. For us it's about supplying a quality product for an appropriate price, and we're very competitively priced. Feel free to look around to get quotes, and then call us back (that's what normally happens).

It's also absolutely vital that we're transparent about what these costs are. We've provided below some examples and guide prices, however when we embark on a new project we're completely clear about what it will cost. Apart from our business consultancy work, we don't charge a 'per hour' price, and crucially, we just keep going until you're happy.

Due to the variation all of our projects are quoted for individually, and if there's multiple aspects to what we do then often we're able to discount things into a package. So give us a call and we'll let you know how many pennies it'll be.
Planning, consultation and design of your internet presence. We'll create a bespoke hard-coded site with everything you need, and support with images and your words. Rigorous testing, launch. and snagging.

Everything that's needed to get you online.

project cost
Flyers, posters, brochures - we can design any form of media that goes to print. Just let us know what you need and we'll provide a fixed quote.

Banners, flags, clothes; essentially anything that you need designed. Just let us know.

project guide price
Brand concept from start to finish. Logo design, wordmarks, business cards, and overall brand look and feel. All perfect if you're starting with just an idea.

Often packaged with web design, speak to us for a bespoke quote.

package guide
We can do support you in a huge number of ways. A simple review and someone to bounce ideas off, or a full commercial and strategic analysis.

We can help you with commerciality, HR and ER issues, marketing, and lots more.

per hour cost