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We help people with the internet, with print, and with business. We like making beautiful things.
It's only right and proper that we show you some of the things that DomshouseDESIGN┬░ have worked on. Otherwise, we could be making all of this up (we're not though, honest). We've worked with lots of people on lots of different things; see below for a few examples.
There's always something in the box.
As you can imagine we can't show all of our work here, but we're pleased to show a selection for your delight and entertainment. We're really pleased to say that in most cases the people we work with are continuing clients. Often the people that we have built a web presence for go on to need further media, such as posters, flyers or signage. One of the key reasons for this is we understand their brand and requirements. It's all about relationship.

Below is a selection of some of the work we've done. And of course, if you'd like to see more then just ask.

We also wanted to share a bit of the detail about HOW we worked together, so please feel free to read the journey that we went on together.
Total Therapy Studios

Total Therapy Studios in Horsham is one of the biggest providers of healthcare services in the South of England.

With respect to the work we do here, it's all encompassing. We created the entire brand from start to finish in terms of look and feel from their logo, brand identity and style. Not only is their extensive and frequently visited website designed by us, but all media too. This is everything from business cards, to flyers, posters, pull up banners, and also their electronic display screen in reception (yup, we do that too). We also manage their social media accounts, allowing them to provide great healthcare and focus on their patients.

Visit by clicking here.

Artists General Benevolent Institute

The Artists General Benevolent Institute are one of Britain's oldest charities, and we've worked with them for a number of years. Like many clients that we work with, they had a website that they had built themselves using an online editor, and whilst it was fit for purpose it was needed a refresh. They liked the style of our work in terms of clean look and feel, and so we constructed their new site in 2015.

As well as their website, we have for several years now produced their annual Impact Report, a nice glossy report that goes out to all of their associates outlining the great work that they do. With our design of vibrant colours and celebration of art, it's one of our favourite projects to work on every year.

Visit by clicking here.

Galen Therapy Centre

Galen Therapy Centre are the world leader in Canine Myotherapy, essentially a set of advanced massage techniques to enrich the lives of dogs.

We work with them on all of their branding, supporting them with flyers, posters, business cards, signage and more. They're also a great example of a business consultancy client, and we work very closely with them on marketing, operational strategy, and the commercial side of their business.

Whilst we don't currently manage their website, plans are in place to develop a new online presence for them in 2019. We also go to Crufts with them every year, which means we get to play with lots of puppies, and this is one of the things that makes us very happy indeed.

Nola Originals

Nola Originals make unique and handmade dog wear for small dogs. We have been working with them developing their brand from look and feel, to brand strategy and development.

Nola Originals is a great example of how we started to build them a website, and then went on to work with them with printed media such as business cards and flyers. Our relationship also extended into one of business consultancy, as we supported them with their commercial stratgy also, working out product pricing, and profit and loss forecasts.

With Nola Originals, we worked differently. Whilst we normally design sites that are static and hardcoded, this client wanted a sigte that they could edit themselves. Therefore, they chose to have the site based around Wix, and we built their site using this platform, and then trained them how to make changes.

The other great thing about working with them, is we also get to play with Nola, an adorable Pomeranian, who is the face of the company. Woof woof.

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Daniela Stones

Daniela Stones is one of the best business coaches and fertility specials in the South, and we worked with her to create her personal brand when she finished training and started supporting clients.

We created her branding look and feel, designed business cards, and her website. From here we supported with flyers, and other marketing materials.

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The Awesome Covers Band

The Awesome Covers Band is a new band in Sussex who were recruiting for members.

Due to the fact one can never get enough information in a classified advert, a website with their (quite specific) requirements was seen as the best way forward.

Slightly unusual in design, as this is a simple 'one page' scrollable website, which is in line with modern webtrends of 'scrollable' as opposed to 'clicking'.

Oh, and it's my band. Did I mention that bit?

Visit by clicking here.

APN Assist

APN Assist are a group that helps organisations and members of the public who have recieved Accelerated Payment Notices. We don't really know what these are, but they sound jolly scary. If you want to know, then hey visit their website!

A sub-brand of an existing financial services house, they wanted to show their what they were able to offer, and did this by way of creating a simple website with an approachable tone to help them advertise.

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When we sit down with a cup of coffee and have a look at what's on the to-do list for that day, we normally make one of these. We like to call them Mantrapages, and they're normally posted across social media as soon as we've made them. The Mantra that we have is quite simply 'It's a wonderful day; let's make something beautiful', and it's fair to say that this phrase has reached it's own momentum across social media.

The reason we make one of these every morning is that it gets the creative juices flowing. A musician would never sit down and say 'Right, let's write the song', instead there would probably be a little bit of noodling about, getting themselves in the headspace to do what needs to be done. And we like the fact that this provides a creative challenge for ourselves, and allows a bit of lateral thinking and fresh eyes for whatever needs to be made that day.

These pages are fairly random, of course. Some are just pretty pictures, some reflect what's in the news that day. But we wanted to put them on here, as we're fairly proud of each and every one of them (some are better than others of course; that's just the way it is!)

That said, all you have to remember is that it's a wonderful day; now let's make something beautiful.