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web designDom We're a different kind of local web company

You need to be on the internet, and you need a website. It's a fact.

If you're a company or an organisation which provides a service in any way, you need a website. Why? It's because it's the first place that people will look for you. And at DomshouseDesign° we understand that your web presence needs to be eye-catching. We don't just design web sites; we design beautiful clean and modern web sites, but for a realistic price.

Based in both Horsham and Storrington, West Sussex, we work with people, companies and organisations who need to get on the web, to update their current presence, or who need support with marketing, branding and social media.

It's not just about design though; we've worked in business too which means we know how the real world works. This means we can get our heads around the way you and your customers think. And we promise, absolutely promise, not to blind you with nonsense.

With a starting price point of just £799 for a beautiful website, email, domain registration and hosting, you can be confident that you have a fantastic looking web presence for less than the price of a latte per day. Even a cheap latte - from that dodgy café down the road.

web designDomOur ethos

Crucially, DomshouseDesign° will spend the time with you to get a real idea of your organisation. We'll discuss what you like, what you don't like and any ideas that you have. We'll discuss look and feel, navigation, and crucially, what your website is trying to achieve (and trust us when we say that's a question a LOT of web companies don't have with their clients!)

We'll then make something beautiful.

Something appropriate for your business. Something easy to navigate. But definitely something beautiful and impactful.

But it doesn't end there; we won't stop until you're happy with it. We won't just show you three designs and ask you to pick the best (or the least worse, depending on how you look at things). We don't do that here.

This level of focus, support, and design awareness is normally only achieved by the big brands. But with most of our sites generally costing just £799 with domain registration, hosting and email management included, you'll have a big presence at a low cost.

What you'll get

We're not going to lie - we've seen people pay HUGE amounts for their web presence, sometimes thousands of pounds for small brochure sites. And quite often, they're not happy with the result.

We do things differently.

In most cases, our £799 website is exactly what you'll need, showcasing your product or service across up to eight different pages. Of course, you may need something a little more complex, so just ask. Whatever happens, we won't stop until you're happy. And we don't use templates - your website will be hand-crafted with pencils, code, and lots of lots of coffee. The key to it all is working with you, understanding what you're looking for, and discussing what you need. Often our clients don't know what they're looking for, and that's fine. We'll look at what you like on the web, what you don't like, and come up with some initial mock ups. When we've all decided on the direction we want to go in, we'll make it. And then we tweak until you're happy.

From just £799 we'll take care of registering your domain name, and will set up your email accounts for you. We'll also submit to the major search engines, and communicate how your site is performing from Google.

We're realists. We've heard of companies charging a couple of thousand pounds just to take the project on. We've also seen many companies charging £75 - £100 per page to make small changes to your site. What nonsense!

We also do print design, logo design, branding, social media management and all sorts of other beautiful things to show your business in the best way. All you have to do is ask.

Who are we working with?

We've made some beautiful things. What's on the pad at the moment?

Whatever we do, we're not happy unless it looks beautiful. Here's just a few examples of some pretty things we've been working on. Many are of course still in development, but take a look. And if you'd like to see more, then just ask.

Total Therapy Studios

\\ . branding . web design . print . social

Full branding, web presence and social media management for for one of the biggest private clinical facilities in the South of England.

Little Soul Shack

\\ . branding . web design . print . audio

Online presence and branding review for Yoga Practice

Mindfully Balanced

\\ . branding . web design

Branding and web presence creation for New York hynotherapist


\\ . print . web design

Full design, creation and launch of Impact Report for one of the oldest charities in the UK [print].
Full redesign of their internet presence [web]


\\ . branding . web design

Developing online presence for owners of several rental properties across Europe [web]


\\ . branding . web design

Creation of web site to support this financial services organisation in London.


\\ . branding . web design

Full website design for this Business Support Services organisation in the Republic of Ireland. [web]

Lairg Estate

\\ ..branding .web design

Rebuild and rebranding for the owners of this 44,000 acre estate in Scotland.

Facing Matters

\\ . web design . print

Full branding, and web presence for style consultancy in West Sussex, England.

Galen Therapy

\\ . web design . print . business development

Continuing print marketing and branding support for the largest supplier of canine myotherapy training in the UK.

Biscuit HR

\\ . branding . web design

Website design and code for one of the UK's top independent HR consultants.

The LMC.

\\ . branding . web design . print

Business creation, implementation, branding and website design for locally focused mystery customer organisation in Surrey, England.

Why not speak to us?

The first step is giving us a call. Go on, why not do it now? Obviously we just like to hear from you to have a natter about what it is you're looking for, and to see if we could help. Of course, there's no obligations at any point; it may be that you're just looking for some advice.

We're based in Storrington and Horsham, and can come and see you at your place of business so we can have a chat. Feel free to give us a call on 01903 743 850 or 07717 267 893. You can email us at and we'll get back to you within 24 hours to see how we can help.

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