let's make something beautiful

Full design, build and implementation to get you on the web, or update your existing presence

Flyers, leaflets, brochures, corporate reports. We can help you stand out from the crowd.

Helping you create your full brand, and everything to go with it, from logos to letterheads.

When we know your business, we can help you grow it. Strategy, commercial peformance, and coaching.

let's make something beautiful





We’re domshouseDESIGN°
- and we just LOVE beautiful things

You need to be on the Internet

That's where everyone looks for anything these days. You're looking at this page on the internet; it's generally speaking the first place anyone will look for anything. Not only that, it's the place where people will look for more information about something. Have you ever found something, seen something, or heard of it, and then been frustrated that you can't find out more about it because you can't find them on the Internet? Yup - it's annoying isn't it? And generally speaking, if people can't find the infomation they need they generally go elsewhere.

So, we're in agreement. You need to be on the internet, and that's where we come in.

And we're not like other designers. You've probably looked at quite a few web design sites, and they're all... well, they're all a bit samey aren't they? We work differently, mainly because of our love of beautiful aesthetic, but also because we know you need to stand out. We don't just design websites; we design beautiful clean modern websites but for a realistic price. Based in both Horsham and Storrington, West Sussex, we work with people, companies and organisations who need to get on the web, to update their current presence, or who need support with marketing, branding and social media. We work with digital, print and social to be able to give a great looking face to your business, and we'll work tirelessly to get it right.

With a starting price point of just £799 for a beautiful website, email, domain registration and hosting, you can be confident that you have a fantastic looking web presence for less than the price of a latte per day. Even a cheap latte - from that slightly dodgy café down the road.
Our ethos
- how we like to do things
around these parts

Crucially, DomshouseDesign° will spend the time with you to get a real idea of your organisation. We'll discuss what you like, what you don't like and any ideas that you have. We'll discuss look and feel, navigation, and crucially, what your website is trying to achieve (and trust us when we say that's a question a LOT of web companies don't ask their clients!) Often the problem with designers is that they'll nod and smile whilst sipping a chai tea, dump the words from your brochure into a template and go off and listen to Massive Attack feeling awfully pleased with themselves.

We don't do that.

We'll work with you to make some thing that's right, something appropriate for your business, something easy to navigate. But definitely something beautiful and impactful. But it doesn't end there; we won't stop until you're happy with it. We won't just show you three designs and ask you to pick the best (or the least worse, depending on how you look at things). We don't do that here.

This level of focus, support, and design awareness is normally only achieved by the big brands. But with most of our sites generally costing just £799 with domain registration, hosting and email management included, you'll have a big presence at a low cost.

The same goes for our work with print. Your brochures, posters, business cards or whatever we're making for you. We'll just keep going until you're happy. And you've GOT to be happy. Because it's your business, and therefore you've got to be happy with the way it's marketed. If we make you something and you don't like it, then we haven't done our job right. And that's no way to do things, is it?
What you'll get
- because, end product, right?

We're not going to lie - we've seen people pay HUGE amounts for their web presence, sometimes thousands of pounds for small brochure sites. And quite often, they're not happy with the result.
We do things differently.

In most cases, our £799 website is exactly what you'll need, showcasing your product or service across up to eight different pages. Of course, you may need something a little more complex, so just ask. Whatever happens, we won't stop until you're happy. And we don't use templates - your website will be hand-crafted with pencils, code, and lots of lots of coffee. The key to it all is working with you, understanding what you're looking for, and discussing what you need. Often our clients don't know what they're looking for, and that's fine. We'll look at what you like on the web, what you don't like, and come up with some initial mock ups. When we've all decided on the direction we want to go in, we'll make it. And then we tweak until you're happy. The important thing is that your personality, and that of your business shines through. Despite the digital medium of the internet, we never lose sight that your website will be viewed by PEOPLE - and it's vital to connect on a person to person level.

So anyway, where were we? Oh yes. From just £799 we'll take care of registering your domain name, and will set up your email accounts for you. We'll also submit to the major search engines, and communicate how your site is performing from Google.

We're realists. We've heard of companies charging a couple of thousand pounds just to take the project on. We've also seen many companies charging £75 - £100 per page to make small changes to your site. What nonsense!

We also do print design, logo design, branding, social media management and all sorts of other beautiful things to show your business in the best way. All you have to do is ask.